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11 day boat trip

The Mentawai Islands offer some of the best surf to be found anywhere in the world, with more perfect left and right hander waves in one region than anywhere on earth. The Mentawai group of Islands attracts swells all year round with the most consistent season generally being between March and November.

Waves can vary size in The Mentawai Islands region . They can range anywhere from fun sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels. If you can hold you’re own on a wave, whether you’re natural or goofy, this place has the waves for you. Even today you still have the opportunity to surf uncrowded waves as this area keeps producing quality line ups which are scattered amongst a vast array of reefs, Beaches ,point breaks and secluded bays.

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11 day boat trip

The Telos is more of an unknown and some of the glamour waves here have been kept deliberately quiet by those that have visited. But almost everyone returns from a surf trip here with big grins. Telos surf spots are relatively well guarded and many unknown to the greater majority. There are several top- quality breaks to suit to all levels and Bintang surf charters is guaranteed to place you at the best wave on the day. The local game fishing is also virtually untouched. As many years in the region, Bintangs crew still holds a few secrets close to there chest.

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11 day boat trip

The Banyak Islands in North Sumatra are located approximately 60 miles off the northwest coast of Sumatra, There are two main islands in the Banyak Islands: Treasure Island and the island of the Bay providing incredible breaks perfectly to catch the clean consistent swells of the Indian Ocean. Many of the Banyak Islands surf breaks have remained nameless and there is still more exploring going on. There is a huge range of left and right-hander waves in the Banyak islands . There are waves for every surfing style and ability ranging from long deep barrels, perfect peaks to long cruising walls with plenty of time to rip the faces apart.


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