Bintang Surf Charters. Mentawai | Telos | Banyaks

Prices starting from AU$ 3,300.00 (Subject to currency prices of IDR)

Our 115ft ocean going Schooner, is one of the largest and longest running surf charter boats in the Mentawai Surf Boat Fleet. The Bintang sleeps 10 (recommended) to 14 guests on each surf trip. With plenty of deck space and fully air conditioned rooms, you can always find somewhere to kick back and relax between surfs.

Our boat trips cover all of the Mentawais, Telos, and Banyaks. We are the sole operators and owner of the charter boat. The knowledge of our skippers is Second to none in knowing when to trust the forecast or follow the conditions. There are still many waves you can surf out here alone, heavy waves for chargers, and more friendly spots for the less experienced surfer. The variety of waves are ideal for all types of surfing and we make sure we cover all bases.

In 2016, we had the privilege of hosting the What Youth crew on board the Bintang. Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Colin Moran, Kai Hing, Luke Hynd and Zak Condon returned bloody, scarred, filthy and terribly barreled. Here’s a short vid they made that pretty much sums all that up.

In 2015, we had the Deus crew on-board the Bintang, filming for Dustin Humphrey new project "South to Sian". The film will be released sometime in the near future...